Carrethers Motivated for Year Two
14 Apr 2015
Put on the tape of Ryan Carrethers in the preseason opener last year against the Dallas Cowboys. Then, watch film of the nose tackle in his first career start Week 11 vs. Oakland.

The player and number look the same, but the game is completely different.
Carrethers grew by leaps and bounds from the moment he first arrived in America’s Finest City, culminating with that game against the Raiders. He was a true difference maker at the line of scrimmage, finishing with four tackles while plugging up the middle.

“That game felt great,” he said. “It felt like all my hard work and dedication bore fruit. I felt myself clicking and doing so well, and that motivates me a ton going forward. I know I can not only compete with the guys in this league, but have an impact.”

Unfortunately, his rookie year ended prematurely as in the second half he dislocated his elbow. Even though he missed the rest of 2014, his confidence is sky high entering his sophomore campaign.

“My confidence is definitely soaring right now. I feel like I am a part of something so great here. I want to make a difference, and I think I fit in anchoring the line. I can make sure everything flows accordingly.”
The Bolts selected Carrethers 165th overall in the fifth round of last year’s draft. He knew there was a high standard for what it took to be an NFL player, but he was initially surprised at just how big a leap it was from college to the pros.

“Everyone knows those in the NFL are at an elite level, but it is even more intense than they say. Just the level of the game and competition definitely took me by surprise even.”

The 6-1, 333-pounder has always boasted rare power. In fact, he broke Arkansas State’s squat record at a whopping 700 pounds, and bench pressed 36 reps at 225 pounds at his pro day. He could have done even more if the plates hadn’t slipped off the bar. However, he learned early in his rookie year that it takes more than brute strength to be an impactful nose tackle

“It most requires core strength, leverage and excellent technique. Man, technique definitely goes a long way, so it is way more than pure strength. The coaches definitely pounded that into me and placed a strong emphasis to learn it quickly.”
It may have taken time for everything to click, but Carrethers can pinpoint the exact moment it did.

“Definitely going into that first Chiefs game I could tell I found my element. I found myself. I discovered the technique that works for me, and I felt myself building week to week. I put a lot of work into studying my technique and leverage, and trying to gain a better understanding of the game. That kind of improvement only comes over time with repetition.”

Number 92 ended the season with 14 tackles, and a career-high six came that afternoon against Kansas City. Still, Carrethers points to his very first start against the Raiders as the standard he’s determined to not only sustain, but surpass.

“I want to build on that game and continue to grow. I am motivating myself into becoming the player I know I can be and want to be. Any player that makes it to the NFL has something to prove. I’m just focusing on fitting in where I can make a difference. It was extremely frustrating to get injured, especially because I’m not used to getting hurt. But I guess that is part of the game and I’ve got to roll with the punches. I will grow from it and learn from it.”

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