What clients are saying about us

  • Jason Babin Active Player "EAS is more than an agency, it's family, its a brotherhood, it's like going back to mama's house for a home cooked meal, no matter what they always have your back. My time in the the NFL has and continues to be a journey, and the EAS family has been there every step of the way for me."

  • Trent Cole Active Player "Since the beginning of my career EAS has always made me a priority. From negotiating my contracts, to establishing my brand and business portfolio, I have complete trust in EAS and how they've helped me become successful. "

  • Dan Koppen Retired Player “The longer you play in the NFL, the more you figure out what is really important to you. With EAS, no matter who you are and where you start, you are always the most important to them. I can’t even tell you how many major decisions were made hand in hand with these guys. They’ve been business partners with me from the start, but I’d say that now, a better description would be that they’re an extension of my family”

  • Chris Snee Retired Player "Football is my job, and I have always been able to handle what happens between the white lines, but what you learn really quickly when you leave college is that the game of football is only part of what you have to deal with to be a successful in the NFL. The amount of trust that I have in EAS to hold up their end of the bargain has always allowed me to hold up my end of the bargain for my family and my team. Knowing that my family and I have people like the guys at EAS in our lives, that we can always rely on, makes it really easy to sleep at night.”

  • Zac Stacy Active Player "The EAS team provides quality services which allow me to excel on the field and has helped me network and build relationships off the field.... True professionals who I trust, my second family! "

  • Sio Moore Active Player "I'm very thankful to be in the EAS family. Being with this group of men has been amazing. They are always there when I need them, and NO MATTER WHAT they make themselves available. I lost my grandmother prior to the draft. A member of EAS came and stayed with our family at the wake and through the grieving pain of losing our beloved grandmother. It was at that point I knew it was more than just business or football. I was a part of a family of genuine men that cared for not just me but my family as well. I'm glad to be apart of a family that cares about the person and not just the money or the business. "

  • Ben Jones Active Player "EAS is more than just an agent firm it's a second home for athletes like me. It's a safe place that always looks out for my best interests. EAS is a firm that I trust and would recommend to any athlete that wants to succeed and wants the best in all areas."